Do You Care About Your Family?

Are you and your family at risk for injury in your area? Could sporting practices at your child’s school pose a threat to their life?

The answer is YES.

Injuries are the greatest single killer of individuals ages 1-44. 142,000 Americans will die this year and 12 million students will seek healthcare as a result of injury. Nearly 2 million injuries will be in recreational softball games and baseball games.

“The Awakening Of A Surgeon – A Family Guide To Preventing Sports Injuries And Death” will show you how you can take action and keep your family safe from these injuries. Included are 20 points that can be implemented in every community to drastically reduce the possibility of injury and death.

You will learn:

10 warning signs of a dangerous community
5 pieces of equipment every community needs.
11 items you should demand from your school board to
keep your children safe
7 questions you must ask your child’s coach
5 playground hazards to be avoided
11 things you need to do now if you live near water
the 6 steps you must take to prevent winter sports’ injuries
the top three barriers blocking the prevention of sports injuries
…and much more

You will gain the knowledge to take responsibility for the safety of your children and other children in your community.

You will learn the same information I’ve shared on The Oprah Winfrey Show as well as numerous national news broadcasts and media outlets including Self, Investors Business Daily, Redbook, Better Homes and Gardens, Good Housekeeping, and the Associated Press.

Order “The Awakening Of A Surgeon – A Family Guide To Preventing Sports Injuries And Death” now and begin learning the steps to keep your family safe.

“It gives us great pleasure to recommend The Awakening of a Surgeon, not only as an inspirational story about one man’s quest for injury prevention, but as a mechanism for communities to come together and create a safer and healthier environment for children and adults. We fully support Dave Janda in his continued journey and quest to bring safety to all sports.”

– Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner

Awakening of a Surgeon is a great book about making sports safer for your kids. It is also a book about inspiration and empowerment for individuals and their communities, and it has my complete support both as an Olympic gold medallist and as a parent.”

-Bonnie Blair